CSA's of Northfield

This time of year here in Northfield we are blessed to have an abundance of produce to use in our daily meals. For many in our community who do not have the ability, space or time to grow their own vegetables, there are CSA's. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and most CSA's sell shares in full or halves. These shares allow them to get cash up front to plant their crops and move through the season with a little less risk.  Share holders then get to come to the farm once a week to collect what is being harvested that week. It is a wonderful way to eat what is in season and very fresh.  

Along with vegetable CSA's have come others. Eastvold Furniture's family has also been buying a meat and cheese share that delivers wonderful free-range chicken and gourmet goat cheeses.  Most recently we also purchased a share in a cider CSA, which has been fun because it is expanding our limited knowledge of craft cider and allowing us to socialize with other community members who are passionate about beer and cider.  

Get out and see what local farmers and brewers are doing in our community to see if there is a way that you can support their passions and crafts!

Here is a round of links to our favorite Northfield CSA's:

Eastvold Does ICFF

We spent a long weekend in New York during NY Design Week seeing new designs, eating amazing food and adventuring. It feels like going back to camp because of all the old friends we see and catch up with while attending the shows and parties.  

The main event every year is ICFF which felt very robust and strong this year. Another show that has grown to be really good is Wanted Design NYC. This show also has a fantastic opening party that is a must attend while there.  A highlight of the weekend was the Blu Dot store party in SoHo.

When we were not perusing the incredible design at ICFF and Wanted Design NYC, we got on Citi bikes to explore, which in our opinion is the best way to see the city. One thing that is not accessible by bike, but is a must see is The Highline. In our opinion it is one of the best attractions in the US and inspiring to stroll.  

Looking ahead to next year, we will be developing new designs and showing again at ICFF after a couple years off.  

Midwestival Visit

The Midwestival, a blog that celebrates everything the Midwest has to offer, stopped in to chat about Matt's process, products and hometown of Northfield, MN. Read more below and on the Midwestival here.

It all started on a farm in Hartland, Minnesota (in southern Minnesota between Owatonna and Albert Lea), where Matt grew up learning the ins and outs of running a business by working with his dad on the farm and later in his welding shop. After college, he moved back home to take care of his dad, spending every free moment woodworking in a little corner of the welding shop that summer. Starting small, soon he was building furniture for friends, family and anyone who'd buy it.

That hobby turned into a career in custom cabinetry, and eventually Matt owned his own cabinetry shop in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis. But the recession took a toll on his business, work slowed down and he started focusing more of his attention on furniture once again. 

"The recession hit hard for people doing things with their hands, but it also fueled the maker movement since so many makers wound up out of work," Matt recalls. "In the Midwest especially, we have this work ethic like 'Well, I can’t do this anymore… so I’m going to figure this other thing out!' It's inspiring to see so many people out there reinventing a family trade or regional trade, and sort of reinventing themselves in the process."